Thursday, March 6, 2014

Informative Technologies Inc. is a social enterprise that has researched and developed scalable, market-driven solutions to the digital divide and electronic waste since 2014. This is made possible by our ReviveOS™ software, which revives “obsolete” computers so they can run better than ever; thus breaking the cycle of planned obsolescence that’s built into competing operating systems today. To get these devices to those who are affected by the digital divide, we are building a community-based ecosystem that connects donor companies with recipient community organizations.

Our Vision: A digitally inclusive society where technology is reused—not discarded—and where people are empowered to achieve success through affordable access to information.

Our Mission: To be the leading innovator of solutions to the digital divide by reducing electronic waste, improving access to information, and strengthening existing community-based resources.

Vance High School Students Spent their Spring Break skills!

Vance High School students dedicated their spring break to learning STEM skills and how to help solve the digital divide with Informative Technologies!


Headquartered in UNC-Charlotte’s PORTAL Innovation Center (Ventureprise Accelerator for Industry-University partnerships). Our location provides interns with a modern office setting, and ample room for holding seminars and training events on the campus. This also provides our company direct access to academic and state governmental resources for technological research and business development.

Equipment Provider and Enrollment Partner for EveryoneOn.org, America’s largest nonprofit brokerage offering subsided wireless broadband and free digital literacy resources for families of free/reduced lunch students. This allows us to prequalify working families for free or reduced price Internet access at our site: Everyone.Digital

First start-up company to be listed as an affordable electronic device provider for the “Digital Charlotte”steering committee; the City of Charlotte’s public-private partnership for promoting digital literacy among all neighborhoods.

Advisory Board Member for Vance High School’s Academy of Engineering, and an approved worksite under the Workforce Investment Act/MeckEd/Charlotte Works for CMS high school students. This is an integral part of our ability to provide affordable technology fitting the needs of overlooked and underserved communities, and to develop a diverse workforce that can create technologies to help a diverse society.

Voted as the leading social enterprise concept of the Fall 2015 Charlotte Discovery Forum Competition (sponsored by NC State University’s Institute for Emerging Issues), garnering connections with many influential panelists and attendees who are local leaders in sustainability, education, and civic groups.

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