We're Solving the Root Causes of The Digital Divide

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Our Digital Inclusion Ecosystem Prevents E-Waste While Connecting Underserved Families By:

Raising Digital Literacy Rates

We reduce barriers to the ability to access, use, evaluate, create, and communicate information while using digital technologies. This is increasingly necessary for families to address their social, economic, and health needs.

Rethinking Electronic Waste

We work with nonprofit partners to provide local tax-deductible collection points for gently-used technology, while standardizing the process of wiping and reviving each PC.

Reinforcing STEM Education

We empower at-risk students through hands-on STEM training in skills needed for upward mobility in today’s knowledge based economy.

Reconnecting Communities

We enable participating nonprofits to end the digital divide among their constituents by providing access to affordable computers while creating a new revenue stream for their organization.

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E-Waste and the Digital Divide are Problems Worth Solving
What if unused computers could be shared, instead of scrapped?

Disconnected families are unable to compete effectively in an information economy and suffer from lack of social and economic mobility.
Disparities in health, education, and employment are exacerbated by lack of access to online resources.
The costs and frustrations of using computers designed to become obsolete, known as “Planned Obsolescence”, have left nearly 60 million Americans, primarily working class and minorities, behind the digital divide, and have compelled companies to discard over 50 million systems annually.
Even worse, traditional PC refurbishers cannot deliver enough low-cost systems to market due to high system requirements imposed by major software companies, and end up having to scrap older inventory.
Here in Mecklenburg county, nearly 200,000 citizens lack access to computing and connectivity resources at home. Compounding the problem, record-low commodity prices have made electronics recyclers struggle to stay in business.

  • Nearly 1 in 5 Charlotte, NC area households are disconnected
  • Half of American Working Class Families are disconnected
  • E-WASTE That wasn't even recycled

    The EPA estimates 2,420,000 tons of electronic waste went to landfills in 2012 alone.

  • PCS THAT Microsoft WILL "OBSOLETE" BY 2020

    Most PCs still run on Windows XP/Vista/7, which means most systems will soon be discarded


Meet the People Behind Informative
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James Walker

Founder & CEO
Founder and CEO of Informative Technologies. Previously, Mr. Walker was an IT project manager and business systems engineer and has been active board member for a number of non-profits from Uganda to Charlotte.
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Krutika Patil

Data Driven Applications Developer
UNCC ’17 MS Computer Science – Data Science Concentration


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